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Meet-up 06: The Saudi VCPE Ecosystem: A Belgian Perspective | JADA | KSA

Meet-up 06: The Saudi VCPE Ecosystem: A Belgian Perspective






​​​​​​​​​​​In this meetup we took a deep dive into the structure of Saudi Arabia’s venture capital and private equity sectors and offered reasons for Belgian SMEs and investors to enter the market.


​During Jada’s sixth meet-up, participants discussed the key characteristics of the venture capital ecosystems in both the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Belgium and further explored the unique challenges faced by investors and SMEs. 

Moderated by Osama M. Ashiri, Founder of Saudi Entrepreneurial Ecosystem, the panel featured Dominique Mineur, Ambassador of Belgium to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, who examined the similarity in the challenges faced by both countries when supporting SMEs, the positive impact of facilities and the tools provided to SMEs by both markets; Abdulla Al Tamimi, Founding Partner and CEO at Merak Capital who discussed what an attractive ecosystem for venture capitalists looks like from an entrepreneurial point of view; Abdulaziz Al Nashwan, General Manager of Equity Funding at Monshaat, who depicted the process of enhancing the access to funding that is provided to SMEs and the business challenges faced by investors; Thibaut Claes, Investment Manager at WING, who explained the integral role education plays in catalyzing the venture ecosystem, and what a successful break into the venture capital ecosystem entails; Hubert Simens, International Finance Advisor, CBEC and Greentech advisor who focused on the support provided to Belgian SMEs during the innovation and maturity phases of its evolution from a nascent to an established market.​



Osama Ashri

Former CEO of SVCPE Association​

Abdulaziz AlNashwan

GM of Equity Funding at Monshaat​​​​​

Abdullah Al Tamimi

​​Founding Partner & CEO at Merak Capital​

H.E. Dominique Mineur

​​Ambassador of Belgium to the KSA​

Thibaut Claes

​​​Investment Manager at WING​​

Hubert Siemes

Int’l Finance Advisor, CBEC & Greentech Advisor​​​​

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