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Committed Capital (SAR Billion)




A fund of funds is an investment strategy of holding a portfolio of other investment funds rather than investing directly in stocks, bonds or other companies.​​

Jada is mandated to invest in some of the youngest asset classes in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - specifically venture capital and private equity (VCPE).​​

​Venture capital and private equity both have a role to play in supporting the diversification of the Saudi economy towards more knowledge-based and tech-driven sectors. To learn more about how Jada supports economic diversification in KSA and the impact we had last year, check out our latest report, Financing the Future of Saudi Arabia link​.​​

​Private equity and venture capital are both considered types of alternative investments. Funds are privately held and directly invest in private companies. While venture capital is considered a 'higher risk' investment strategy forcused on start ups with strong growth potential, private equity tends to invst in more established companies. In private equity, exit strategies that deliver a quick and good return for the fund are the goal, and typically they become the majority shareholders of the fund. You can learn more about the funds Jada has invested in here​​.

Jada doesn't directly invest in any companies or start ups. Jada invests in funds managed by private equity or venture capital firms. These firms will use the money in their funds to invest in startups. Jada is unfortuately unable to discuss your company or any possible fundraising you might want to do for your company unless you are already working with a professional investment manager that manages one of Jada's portfolio funds. You can learn more about the funds Jada has invested in here​.​

A significant amount of research, analysis and due diligence is undertaken before each deal Jada makes can be finalized. However we have four main criteria for considering funds to invest in:

  1. The fund's commitment to support Saudi Arabian SMEs
  2. The fund's contribution to the ongoing development of the private equity and venture capital landscape in Saudi Arabia
  3. The fund's discipline, oversight and risk management approach
  4. The fund's adherence to international best practice.​​

Although we take this query as a compliment to our investment teams, Jada was specifically established by the Public Investment Fund (PIF) and all Jada's investment capital (SAR 4 billion), comes from PIF.​​

Keep an eye on our social media for updates on meetups. These are relatively informal events (currently taking place virtually) that bring together curious minds across the VCPE landscape in Saudi Arabia. Meetups cover topics ranging from women in the sector, to opportunities for finance students, to deep dives into exciting investment deals.​​

Yes we do. Our flagship training program for investment professionals is the Emerging Managers Program. This exclusive 3-4 day program is typically delivered by a visiting lecturer from one of the top schools for VCPE globally. On average, just 25% of those that apply are accepted on to the program due to its popularity​​