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Meet-up 01: Jada's Role in the Private Equity Ecosystem | JADA | KSA

Meet-up 01: Jada's Role in the Private Equity Ecosystem






​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​In this kick-off meet up we took a close look at Jada’s mandate, and started mapping our network of Saudi investment professionals and other related stakeholders. This meetup included a discussion on private equity in KSA, as well as market trends and what Jada looks for in fund managers.

Our first-ever meet-up saw Adel Al Ateeq, our CEO, host an interactive, public session with international investors and business leaders to share his knowledge, hopes and perspectives on the state of the VCPE landscape in Saudi Arabia. Mr. Al Ateeq presented the rationale for Jada’s establishment and its modus operandi to galvanize Saudi Arabia’s economic growth through a robust SME market able to benefit from funds and with access to reliable sources of capital. Taking questions from participants, Mr. Al Ateeq explained why a fund of funds structure provides the best method of accelerating SME sector growth in Saudi Arabia.​


Adel AlAteeq

​​​​​​​​CEO of Jada Fund of Funds​

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