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Meet-up 07: The Social, Moral and Economic Case For More Women in KSA’s VCPE Sector | JADA | KSA

Meet-up 07: The Social, Moral and Economic Case For More Women in KSA’s VCPE Sector






​​​​​​​​​​​In this meetup took a look at how Saudi is encouraging more women to enter the VCPE sector, and how it will lead to a more innovative, entrepreneurial mindset as well as a more diversified and accessible economy.​

​Jada’s seventh virtual meet-up saw Saudi’s leading female entrepreneurs, venture capital and private equity professionals come together at the end of a month-long International Women’s Day campaign run by Jada to discuss the moral, social and economic imperatives for including more women in KSA’s VCPE sector – from top to bottom.​

Moderated by Athary Almubarak, Director of Strategy at Jada Fund of Funds, the panel included Lateefa Alwaalan, Managing Director of Endeavor Saudi and Founder of Yatooq who discussed ways in which female entrepreneurship can be galvanized in the Kingdom to generate in-country value and ramp-up a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship, Loulwa Bakr, Senior Partner at Chrome, Advisory Partner at Global Ventures who examined ways to increase the number of female-owned SMEs receiving funding from VCs, and Reem Alsweilem, Managing Director, Blue Palm Capital Partners who offered insights into the process required to get more women involved on the investor, decision-making and lending side of the market.​


Athary AlMubarak

​​Director of Strategy & Communications at Jada Fund of Funds​​​​

Loulwa Bakr

​​​​​Senior Partner at Chrome Advisory, Partner at Global Ventures​

Lateefa Alwaalan

​​​Managing Director of Endeavor Saudi, Founder at Yatooq​

Reem Alsweilem

​​Managing Director of Blue Palm Capital Partners​

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